Thursday, January 1, 2009

Where to look for love?

The idea that men think about sex every seven seconds, like the claim that we only use 10 percent of our brains, is often repeated but rarely sourced.

Singles looking for love just about everywhere they go, whether they realize it or not.

Those that are single and looking for love or fun can meet people just about everywhere including at work, at the library, at the bank, and even at the grocery store. It's usually our everyday tasks that put us in contact with people that we would consider dating, so it comes as no surprise that those that are single come into contact every day with someone who may be ideal for them.

Whether or not we seize the opportunity is another story altogether.

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Unfortunately, many singles continually look in the wrong place for love.

For instance, many go out week after week to bars and clubs claiming that they are looking for love, someone to really settle down with.

Unfortunately, a good portion of the people that are at the bars and clubs aren't looking to settle down, they are looking to have a good time and hang out with people that also want to have a good time.

Single parents often complain about this dating dilemma as they'll go to the places that are popular and attract fun people, but those fun people aren't into coming home and taking care of the kids after their work and their play.

Great places to look for serious love are places where you'll find people that you have something in common with. If you love to dance, why not try to take some dance classes or join a dance group. Here you will not only be able to enjoy dancing (as you do in the club) but you may find someone who is fun to be with, shares your passion for dancing, and is ready to approach love and dating from a more serious angle.

The fact is that you can find people who enjoy the same things as you; you just may have to look in a different place to find someone that wants to enjoy you and those things for a longer period of time!

If you are looking for fun, then you can continue to go to the same places and meet the same sort of people.

But, if your complaints are that you cannot seem to meet men and women that want to date in a more serious capacity, why not review the places you are meeting other people and try to change it up a little bit so that you can still do what you want to do, you can just do it with people who are probably a bit more willing to settle down with you!

Then again, if you want to play safe and find the right person, you should try

Happy Hunting.

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