Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a woman wants in her man

Tall, dark, handsome, rich with a good sense of humour - this indeed forms the perfect package when it comes to choosing a potential male partner

However, women at times, expect a little too in terms of what they want in a man. Be it physical appearance, behavioural traits or personality attributes, women can’t stop asking for more!

Several studies in the past have shed light on the qualities that women look forward to in their Prince Charming and most girls tend to stick to these parameters when it comes to making their choice. Be it a man’s intelligence, his voice tone, romantic nature, pricey possessions, dancing skills etc, women tend to relate to these qualities and pick the best out of the lot.

The evolution theory states that women seem to seek signs of resource acquisition in men to maximise prospects for their kids. They prefer older men who tend to be more advanced in their careers, or of higher status in society and are therefore likely to be a better bet in terms of providing resources.

Here’s the complete guide for men to know what exactly it takes to impress a woman...

Be intelligent : Intelligence is a sure shot way to woo a woman, not only while talking to her, but also during lovemaking moments. A study confirmed that when it comes to picking a bed-mate, both for one-night stands and long-term relationships, women prefer intelligent men to dumb jocks.

Expert say : No matter how financially liberal a man is, intelligence still remains a quintessential quality. When it comes to taking decisions in emotional and physical matters, women expect men to be in the driving seat. Having an intelligent mate also brings women a certain reassurance that their needs and demands will be well satisfied with better communication and understanding.

Deep baritone : Masculinity comes alive in your voice, so if you have a softer pitch, which sounds feminine, isn’t really a great thing to rely on. Women usually look out for men who can be assertive, tough and equally passionate using their voice. A research suggested that women prefer men with deep voices because it signals strength, dominance and good genes.

Expert say : Women are approximately seven times more attracted towards a man who has a deeper voice and a superior position and a dominating work style. High-pitch voices hint towards a pro-social behaviour, so women find such men more reliable.

Be romantic not a rich : A simple recipe to win a woman's heart is to give her loads of love and keep up the romance. It’s not always the case that a girl chases a guy for materialistic reasons, rather women seek romantic mates. A recent survey revealed that most women believe that their perfect man needs to be romantic and not rich.

Expert say : Dr. Khurana states, “The concept of nuclear family has off late become quite popular, so the love, care and affection that were missing earlier, a woman wants that feeling of fulfillment from her life partner. Romance enhances love and emotions, whereas money or wealth is only for materialistic comfort. Men may shower their female partners with money, but the luxuries of no use unless your mate is not there with you to enjoy the good times.”

Drive a cool car : Women are keen to hang out with a self-made man with a secured future. Whether that stature comes from your bank balance or an expensive car - make the most of your dream wheels to flatter women. A study confirmed that driving a flashy car really does make a person more attractive to women.

Expert say : Materialistic needs are priorities, depending on the woman’s lifestyle Women are naturally drawn to men who can provide for them and ensure the survival of their children. Thus they are attracted to strong and vigorous men who exhibit behaviour that indicate high status.

Look sexy with more hair : A clean shaven body or a half bald look can be a turn-off for your female partner. A research found that ladies looking for love on dating websites are more likely to contact men with a full head than those who are thinning on top.

Expert say : In the past, men were never into makeovers and beauty treatments and they were simply crude. And women have grown up seeing their dads and brothers in a typical macho man look, so this orientation of preferring men with more hair has been there with them since childhood.

Dance like Travolta : It’s not always that women get attracted to men who can do sensuous salsa or romantic ball dance, so let your flamboyance do the talking. According to a research, John Travolta’s flamboyant dance style in the cult film ‘Saturday Night Fever’ is of the kind that is the most attractive to women.

Expert say : Highly-coordinated, complex movements are attractive to women as they see dancing to be a co-ordination between a healthy body and a controlled mind. So a man who is able to dance in a flambouyant style is judged as a person who has control over his mind and likes to work on his mind. Your dancing style may reflect what is going on inside a person's head. If they are self-conscious, it will be reflected in the way they dance.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life's tuition

Life is an education. At every turn, if our eyes and hearts are open, we learn about ourselves, about others, about love, about survival. Our not-so-gerat experiences are the tuition we pay for education; our so-great experiences are merit scholarships.

Hideous date, if kept in perspective, are just another lesson in your on-going education. It's not the end of the world; it's the beginning of class.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Five ways to put a so-so date in perspective

  1. Ask your parents if every date they ever had was stellar
  2. List how many good moments you had
  3. Remind yourself that not every word out of your date's mouth was a pearl of wisdom
  4. Count how many Saturday nights you have left if you live to be 80
  5. Rent When Harry Met Sally

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pre-date Affirmations

An affirmation is a positive statement about yourself made in the present tense. A few kind words to yourself can calm you instantly, as well as quell any surges of anxiety you may feel as lift-off draws near. Repeat after me:
  • "I'm a fun, interesting, worthy person."
  • "I deserve success and happiness."
  • "A date is only a date - it's not do-or-die time."
  • "I'm calm and fearless."
  • "I will enjoy myself tonight, and my date will, too."
You're now internally and externally and eternally ready to have a wonderful time.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How to get the girl (Based on sucessful attempts):

How to get the girl (Based on successful attempts):
  1. By Ignore Her.
  2. Be Yourself.
  3. By make her laugh.
  4. By Impress her parents
  5. By respect her
  6. Be spontaneous
  7. By borrow your friend's puppy

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Five sign you really do hate each other

  1. A piece of cilantro is stuck to your date's chin and you don't bother to mention it. Your date knows
  2. it's there and doesn't bother to remove it.
  3. You both could describe every detail of the door but don't know what color your date's eyes are.
  4. If it were videotaped, your conversation would make it on America's most Boring video.
  5. You have to keep explaining punch lines.
  6. Your mouths are killing both of you from all that fake smiling

Monday, June 1, 2009

Five ways to say no gracefully

  1. It's too soon. I'd rather wait.
  2. I'm not that kind of guy/girl.
  3. I have a ten-date rule. If you want to know what it is, ask me out again.......and again.
  4. I'll know when the timing's right. It's not right, right now.
  5. I'd rather have something to look forward to, then back on.