Friday, January 2, 2009

How I won Her Heart?

I'll start by saying I have a crush on this girl (Jen) for awhile now, and I have not seen her lately.

I just thought it would be better to not see her for awhile.

Before I forget, I am a member at 100% Free Dating Site and have nice profile there.

So maybe one day I will see her and she will be very happy to see me... Its funny story actually basically she knew I had a thing for her.

I told her best friend, that I was interested in her, and I tried really hard to get her, but she wouldn't give in. So I decided to not show her my affections anymore, and to not give her the attention I've always gave her.

So couple months later I was at this club and I was just hanging out with these nice looking girls and I see Jen. She was looking straight at me like a hawk… lol. Watching me talk to these girls.

Then the next time I saw her, she "accidently" bumped into me and she said “hello”. I say "hello" back not giving her any attention. I was dancing on the dance floor, and she looked and danced over to me like she wanted to dance with me. But I didn't bother, because I just wanted to play hard to get, like the game she played on me.

Then I just started dancing with this random girl who was nice looking also, just to show Jen I can get anyone... very confident ... I know deep inside Jen likes me, just the way she looks at me…you just know... Around midnight I lost track if Jen and never saw again. She was gone home.

Did I blow it?

I really like this girl but I don't know what I should do.

I have not seen or talk to her in months, because I have not been to the clubs in awhile now.

But soon I will make my come back with my new hair style… lol

But I really, I want to know what I should do… I was thinking about telling her how I feel about her, or just ask her out… I have no clue...

She has no boyfriend and has no boyfriend history.

I don't know, so please help me figure out what I should do about Jen. How to win Jen's heart!

I was thinking about showing up to her work place and ask her for help on getting something for Valentines Day present for someone special.

Then ask her for her opinion on what she would recommend. Then buy it from her and then give it to her. Then ask her that she should let me take her out.

One day I met this dude at online dating and we became friends.

I told him about my problems.

He gave me a simple advise….Send her flowers.

How could I not think of it my self?

I sent flowers to Jen at her work place and included my cell number.

She called to thank me same day.

That was 14 months ago.

I wrote this story dedicating it to my two months old babe girl.

Yes, from Jen.

And yes, we are married.

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