Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tonight on 'The Bachelor': The dating begins

Some new footage has been added to tonight’s episode of ABC’s reality-romance series “The Bachelor,” which will stretch the episode to a full two hours.

That may mean more chances to see Sharon Staebell, the 1995 graduate of Batavia High School, who is one of 15 women left vying for the heart of "Bachelor" star Jason Mesnick. Sharon was the second to last bachelorette to receive a rose in last week’s season premiere.

One of last week’s departed hopefuls said Sharon was one of the women she was surprised to see get a rose.

“I wasn’t sure she was going to get one. She was so quiet and what not,” Jackie Hickey, the wedding planner from Dallas, said in response to a question from Reality TV World’s John Bracchitta in a teleconference arranged by ABC last week.

Three women are expected to depart the show by the end of tonight’s episode, in which Jason pays an unannounced visit to the ladies‘ villa where “a sexy pool party breaks out and the fun starts as one woman after another seeks to lure him away for a few precious minutes.” Episode photos posted on ABC‘s publicity site show Sharon and Jason partaking of pool games with the other bachelorettes.

The episode also features the first kiss of the season, according to ABC.

Here’s a preview from the network publicity department:

“The 15 remaining bachelorettes settle into their luxurious villa in Malibu and the fairy tale begins. Two lucky women will get fabulous one-on-one dates - a private performance by R&B chartbuster Robin Thicke at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and a panoramic ride over Los Angeles in the Goodyear Blimp. However, the women are totally blindsided by an announcement that some of them won’t have a date at all before Jason has his next rose ceremony. They might just have to steal some time with the handsome single dad. Finally, one woman makes a dramatic exit before the rose ceremony.”

Two women will be sent home during the rose ceremony.

The episode airs from 8 to 10 p.m. on WKBW-TV, channel 7 in Buffalo, and WHAM-TV, channel 13 in Rochester.

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