Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picking the perfect date by birth order

If you want to know more about a guy or girl you're dating, their family tree is a good place to look. Certain personality traits, unique to birth position, tend to show up again and again in family after family. For instance, if your date is:

  • The oldest child. He or she will tend to be bossy, super-responsible, competitive and assertive.
  • The middle child. A people-pleaser, he or she will often "make nice" in an effort to keep things calm.middle kids tend to be the diplomats in the family and in life.
  • The youngest child. Adventurous, creative and confident, youngest children also tend to be hyper-emotional and needy at times they like being babied.
  • The only child. After a childhood of being in the spotlight of their families, only children tend to crave attention and will aggressively and charmingly seek it from you.

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