Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finding a True Soulmate is More Important Than Ever

In spite of the entertainment boom of the Online Dating Industry - Around 55% of adults now go for online dating - Latest Survay shows that there's been a 53% increase in the number of people living alone since 1970. Are the online dating services unable to deliver the goods - or are their members simply unprepared for success?

"Although many singles seem to enjoy living alone, most of them merely tolerate it because they haven't found other options,"

dating website offers several options and provides a new service and online dating advice to help singles meet. they teaches client how to write romantic Letters of Introduction and how to use the Internet to find their true Soulmates.

"There are millions of singles living alone who just don't know how to find each other," offers free Dating Consultation for singles on website

"A lot of people who try Online Dating find it difficult to promote themselves properly. Nowhere in school is anyone taught how to advertise themselves as a potential husband or wife,".

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